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PressThink: The Press, The Media; la stampa, i media.

Un blog da leggere, PressTink di Jay Rosen, professore della New York University, membro dell’advisory board (i consiglieri esterni) di Wikipedia.

La stampa, una parola antica, che non può essere sostituita dalla parola: i media. Si dice libertà di stampa, non c’è un equivalente che dica “libertà dei media”. Va dunque conservata. Ha una storia che inizia molto tempo fa. Che continua. La stampa riguarda i media, riguarda chiunque lavori nei media, chiunque si esprima nei media. Che sia giornalista professionale, blogger, altro.

«We need to keep the press from being absorbed into The Media. This means keeping the word press, which is antiquated. But included under its modern umbrella should be all who do the serious work in journalism, regardless of what technology they use. The people who will invent the next press in America—and who are doing it now online—continue an experiment at least 250 years old…»

«…(So) the press is a backward glancing term. To me that’s what’s great about it. It points back to the history of struggle for press liberty, to the long rise of public opinion, and of course to the Constitution, a source from which The Media try to draw legitimacy. But the First Amendment actually speaks of the PRESS. It doesn’t mention media. Anyone could, but then almost no one does, uphold “FREEDOM OF THE MEDIA” as a great right— worth defending and even dying for».

Dal blog di Jay Rosen: PressThink.

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